The OnePoint Difference

The OnePoint Difference

Your business is unique. Shouldn’t your HR solution be, too?

Denver Human Resources

In our post-pandemic world, it is more important than ever for companies to have access to high-quality and comprehensive human resource solutions. Whether your organization is looking for a modern way to take care of payroll and HR logistics or is a new startup ready to provide their employees with quality resources, one thing is for certain: different companies have different needs. At OnePoint, we provide solutions as unique as your business with a track record to match.

From our boutique feel to our customizable options and cost-effective strategies, it is no wonder that OnePoint stands out in the world of HR solutions. It’s what we call the OnePoint difference.

Difference #1: Boutique Feel with Corporate Longevity

An accountant by trade but an entrepreneur at heart, OnePoint CEO John Smith is passionate about giving customers the personalized care of a boutique firm with the confidence and longevity of an established business.

“We serve clients around the nation but we are a locally grown and controlled company,” says Smith about his Colorado-based company. The locally grown and carefully tended aspect of OnePoint is seen in daily operations and customer interactions: you won’t be experiencing wait times or canned responses. Instead, the needs of each individual client are considered, and a solution is developed based on their goals.

“With us, you get an integrative, streamlined approach where every client and every employee matters,” Smith concludes.

Difference #2: Customize, Curate, and Personalize

If you have experience with a PEO company in the past, you will know the struggle of getting exactly what you need. At OnePoint, there are no packages that force you to take on more services than what you need. Instead, the company provides a whole menu of services, and clients can choose exactly what resonates with the current needs of our company.

At OnePoint, we believe flexibility is key for achieving growth, no matter the size of your business or how long you have been operating. Whether a client needs a one-off service or comprehensive HR management solutions is up to them. It is our job to give them the quality service they need when they need it.

Difference #3:  Low cost, high performance.

At OnePoint, our costs are below industry standard but our performance consistently ranks above. This is because we are a service-focused business that prioritizes the customer and their cost savings rather than the bells and whistles that can increase costs while decreasing effectiveness.

Our strategy is to pass cost savings on to customers in any way that we can. This means that we do not spend money on advertising and instead rely on superior service as our marketing tool. Every penny saved is a way for us to serve our customers at a better price.

Are you ready for the OnePoint Difference?

For most businesses, staying in compliance with HR and payroll standards is not an option. However, when determining which firm prioritizes your needs, the choice is up to you. From PEO-Comprehensive HR support to payroll, onboarding, and competitive benefits, OnePoint offers you a solution that puts your company in the driver’s seat.

When it comes to providing customized solutions you can trust, we hope you will find value and support in the OnePoint difference.